Nikolay Repin. Roads of War
Roads of War

Nikolay Nikitovich Repin. Roads of War

Oil on canvas, 1999
Hello, dear Katyusha!

We are marching. We covered 200 km from Novosibirsk to Yurga in 5 days. The war, as can be seen, will be for a long time, and there are difficulties in life.

I don't get any letters from Grisha. I'm very worried.

Katya, teach the guys to get only high grades, and tell them to sometimes remember their daddy.

If I remain safe in life and limb, there will be no obstacles in our way, and we will live happier than ever before. Well, if something happens to me, it means that it is destined to be so...

Give my suit and canvas boots to the guys, buy shoes. If some of my cloths can be altered, then alter. There is nothing to be ashamed of now, and after the war we'll see, if we get so far, we will earn again.... Your husband Leonty. See you, I shake your right hand and say "see you".  
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