Nikolay Repin. Blockade Bread
Blockade Bread

Nikolay Nikitovich Repin. Blockade Bread

Oil on canvas, 2017
I must especially tell about my mother - her character saved both of us. She set a hard-line regime - she divided our miserable food ration in that for breakfast, lunch, dinner. At least a bite, but three times a day, without running ahead. Many died because of impatience for hunger - they managed to take bread "beforehand" on the ration card, and then nothing. By November 1941, she sold in exchange for food all items, which were of value in those days. For her father's gold watch, she traded half a bag of small potatoes. For dad's holiday wear, some vegetables too. Once we bought 1 kg of millet and something else, I don’t remember. Mom traded her gold watch for food, we didn’t have anything else for sale.
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