Nikolay Repin. The Great Victory Day!
The Great Victory Day!

Nikolay Nikitovich Repin. The Great Victory Day!

Oil on canvas, 1995
Today, it is the fourth year since I left my home, my children, my wife. During these four years, I had to go through a lot, and there were times when life was measured in minutes and even less. But everyone survived.

When I left home, it was a warm summer morning, now it's also morning and the weather is the same. But there is a lot of difference between the morning of August 22, 1941 and August 22, 1945. Then I left home and did not think I was coming back, but now I still hope to see my family and loved ones. Although it has not yet come, the hopes and all our aspirations are directed towards this, and there is no doubt that it will be so.
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